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The Workaholic Muslin

Posted by Backdropsource Collaborator on

Have you wondered what’s common among all astonishing photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook? They all have top notch unique backgrounds which makes each picture stand out. Let it be natural backgrounds like the sky, water body, trees, walls and buildings or artificial cotton backdrops. Backgrounds add flavour to the photo. Backdrops contribute an airy lovely texture to the photographs.

From long the backdrops have evolved and those in vogue are fashion muslins made of natural fiber fabric, subtle designs with smooth textures, variegated shades etc. Muslin is a woven fabric to deliver high quality finish. It is cost effective, seam-less and 100% cotton yarn. Fashion muslin are commonly for headshots, portraits, party photography, formal and casual photography.

Muslin is known as Jane Austen fabric because the material had been used for dressmaking and other special occasions. It is a one piece natural/ organic fabric with hand painted designs that can be used with different shades on both sides.  Fashion muslin backdrops are rolled in large sizes without seam. The different colours, shades, subtle textures add interest and accentuate the subject. It absorbs light and rejects reflection. 

Muslins are the Professional’s pet as they are flexible, portable and wrinkle resistant. Maximum usage and professional effect with minimum time and effort. Blue and Brown backdrops blend with nearly all kinds of clothes. To start with they’re perfect suggestions of professionals.

Hang vertically or drape the fashion backgrounds to create textures in photographs. Prominent wrinkles can be steamed for a clear effect. Fashion muslins can also be pattern-stamped, like retro-prints for fun, nostalgic look. Genealogically fashion backdrop is the sister of solid muslins. Perfect for all kinds of video productions, portraits and group photos (ceremonial, conventional, informal, casual).

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  • I am taking up new photographs with friends and colleagues as a start of solo photos and had amazing results for normal photos. Good advice and worth a shot.

    Michael Gallon on

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