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Make the Ambient Light work for you

Posted by Backdropsource Collaborator on

The world is becoming more connected and digital. The conventional ways of retail shopping are being replaced by e-commerce. Product photography of all products to be displayed electronically or digitally requires more innovative and creature approaches. The customer/buyer needs to have a real life experience when purchasing over the Internet. This renewed demand for enhanced and lively photography has asked for development of new products.

I am Sam, jewellery designing turned to be my interest on a Christmas day when my girlfriend gifted me a chain made out of a rope with wooden trinket. The pictures that we took together the same day were so amazing that each time I looked at the picture; it was the chain that gained eye falls. Inspired by the little piece of rope, I started making trinkets for my girlfriend and gradually got involved into it.

Creative new designs amazed her and so to add feather to my cap got into designing jewellery. Developed my interest as my hobby and converted hobby as my passion and streamed my passion as my profession. Set up my own design studio extended with the petty showroom to which Kids, Students, Young and middle-aged women started visiting each day to buy my masterpieces. Made a good living with the sale each day but I knew that I am up for a larger number of audiences.

Gathering up courage I started my own online store to promote my business. I wanted professional photos of my products and hired a photo hobbyist to economize my expenses. Unfortunately none of the photos were up to the standard. In fact the jewellery looked dull on the photograph. Deeply worried started searching the Internet. I wanted to acquire new skills on photography which would enable me to shoot my jewellery and upload it on my website.

Initial learning made me understand that lighting plays a major part in product photography. I shot my trinkets, key chains, earrings, bracelets, necklaces by placing them on a table with two focus lights on them. The approach was self-defined but the result was not to my expectations. Further due diligence led me to understand that there are product photography kits available in the market which could solve my challenge. The product photography kit comprises of light tent (product photography box), acrylic risers, fluorescent bulb reflectors, light stands. I searched and got a wonderful website Backdropsource. This website all studio equipment were listed with informative details. 

I had doubts on the size of the reflector and the timeline in which it would reach me, for which made a call to the customer support and the deal was done. I got my delivery next day and started shooting my jewellery to achieve unblemished crystal clear photos.

The translucent tent makes the most out of the ambient light by spreading it evenly. The sides of the tent are white and will convert any other colour light to white for best effect. I shot my jewellery, Ornaments and Watches. The light cube or light tent is open on one side for the placement of camera apart from base on which the object is placed; the other four sides have additional lighting for brightness. This is achieved by placing one small reflector either sides of the light tent. To increase the brightness an additional reflector maybe placed adjacent to the camera. Now I have also learnt to use natural light more effectively whereby you can place your product photography kit near to a window where outside light could soften to add more brightness.

The resultant outcome by using Backdropsource Product Photography kit was marvelous. The digital images were an instant hit after I uploaded them on my website. The sales are amazing and I am planning to incorporate more products as I have become an exponent with product photography.

Backdropsource offers Product photography kit and other studio accessories in a very customer friendly engagement which is value for money.

- Sam

Jewellery Photographer



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