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Beauty Light Kits


Beauty LED Ring Lights

A beauty LED ring light stand is a circular light that provides illumination with little shadow because the origin of the light is very close to the optical axis of the lens. It enables you to get quality images and well-lit footage fast. It can enhance the quality of light in your images and this is the advantage behind considering backdropsource Beauty LED Ring Light with phone holder, carry bag, colour temperature, and high quality fluorescent bulb. The purpose of the backdropsource beauty ring lights is to cast an even light onto the subject.

We sell innovative lighting products that help professionals illuminate their work like never before.

 We take pride in selling the high quality, most durable LED-lighted products. With artists and our customers in mind, we want to build the most portable and lightweight professional lighting to make your job easier.

Mostly used 

  • Beauty LED Ring lights emphasize detail and hide shadows
  • Hides wrinkles and blemishes
  • Perfect for portraits 
  • Video Conference
  • Diffuses light evenly on the subject
  • Very useful for make-up tutorials, cosmetic shots, glamour shots, video capturing etc..
  • Enhances the facial features throughout the entire video for You tubers
  • Especially useful for Cinematography
  • Macro photography, Flat lay
  • Makes the eyes pop with depth and texture
  • Makes shot more Cinematic
  • Gives quality images when taking selfie
  • Tik Tokers can really have a great time as it makes them look more beautiful while filming themselves