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Photo editing services

Background Removal Service

Are you a business owner, photographer, online seller looking a photo editing company to offer high-quality background removal services for your business? If so FixThePhoto is your go-to resource for all ecommerce photo editing services, including background removal service. Whether you want one photograph edited for a printed product catalogue or the background removed on a thousand ecommerce photos, our background removal service will do its best to provide you the best quality results within short turnaround and at a reasonable price. FixThePhoto is ready to face all your background removal and photo editing needs right now.



Take a photo of your product(or products) – any camera or high resolution smart phone will do.


On our simple order page select the number of images need to be edited and make the payment. Then upload your images from your computer.

Receive image

Your images will be with you within 24 hours – direct to your email inbox

Types of background removal

Adding White Background

EBay and Amazon have imposed strict photography requirements for their sellers. Our photo editor know exactly what they are and how to edit your product photos to meet all their requirements.One of the best way to get product attention is to remove unwanted things from background and Adding white background!

Transparent Background

If the subjects are simple yet the shape is bit complex. Images having some complex elements can be edited. Adding transparent background to the images makes it easier to fit into any kind of backdrop on websites!

Adding Cast Shadow

Cast shadow makes the image more realistic. When light hits an object, cast shadow created(elongated shadow) depending on the lights position. Its very useful for product photography, Product catalogue creation etc. for product or brand attention.

Adding Drop Shadow

If you want to add simple but little more realism to the product. Drop shadow is the better way to go solution for enahcing your product.

Adding Color Background

Color or Patterned background for model or product is a beautiful way to give your portrait or product more popup look. Our designer team makes beautiful colored background with the details you have asked for

Adding Reflections

Another way to create a sense of depth and interest in an image is with the use of reflections. They can support a subject, be the subject, or even link elements of an image together in creative ways, resulting in a photo that rewards the viewer for looking more closely at your shot.

Our Service Packages

  • Basic
  • $2 / photo
  • Images for E-commerce:
  • Background Removal (Simple Objects)
  • Background Color Modification
  • Photo Resizing
  • Photos Format Changing
  • Add Watermarks
  • Image Compression/Rotation
  • Order Now
  • Additional
  • $2 / photo
  • Shadows Dropping
  • Add the Natural Shadows
  • Add the Reflection
  • Colors Changing
  • Background Replacement
  • Dummy
  • Dummy
  • Order Now