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How to choose the right studio lights.

Posted by Backdropsource Collaborator on

Lights can make or break an image. Lighting is something essential, and it should be considered when taking a photo, so it is important to understand the different types of lighting and how to make use of the most out of each. This blog is an attempt to answer the few common questions that we get from the Amature / beginner who has just started the Photography studio setup. It is an introduction that will be useful to the people who has just started out in studio photography.

Here come the two forms of lighting - Continuous and flash.

Continuous light:

Continuous light is often used for the video shoot. In fact, the continuous lights are cheaper than FlashLight. What you see is what you get (WYSIWUG) in continuous lighting. What Ever we see through our eyes will be the same in the camera.The common continuous light are:-

  • Quartz
  • LED
  • Fluorescent


This is the warm light used in the studio and on movie sets. If cost is a consideration, Quartz lights are the first option when compared to the other Lights. The price of continuous light is less than the flashlights. They are referred as hot lights because of their characteristics


LED stands for light emitting diodes. There are series of many small light diodes on one of the LED panels. These lights are new to the photography and video market, and their use is getting more in common.


This light produces the daylight color. This could be the most interesting option when it comes to studio lighting. They are cool running light. They come in different forms like cool white light, warm white light and daylight.


Flash/strobes are more powerful than continuous light. Strobe is often used for the photo shoot. It ensures the clean and crisp image. To get different colours we can gels. It comes in white balance-friendly daylight fluorescents, too.

Do I prefer continuous light or Flash? If you ask this question to me, Honestly, I would suggest both. There are lights and kits for every budget and purpose. In other words, it depends on your needs. Do you need power and portability? Then go with strobe. Are you tied up with the fixed photo studio and rarely go out then, I'd say to go with continuous light.

Based on your situation and your needs I can't offer any one option that fits all the requirements. However, this blog should have given you some insight on the topic, and help you to take the decision.

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