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Backdrop fabric artwork printing in Australia

Posted by Backdropsource Collaborator on

I endeavor to shoot photos that tell its story in one glance has led me to explore for more distinct, abstract, monolithic, historical, vintage, lively, rocking, grunge, mottled, motif, mural backgrounds. My zeal has led me to explore different environments, travel places, live in different cultures, learn new traditions. There are many images that remain in your imagination from your vivid experiences of life and others that can be captured with your lens for a picturesque memory. Mostly I get vicarious liberation by using the photography props and studio gears presently available. I always desired of using my perfectly shot images as backdrops for my many different theme shoots. This urge has let me to keep the curiosity growing. The available backdrops seal the deal for standard photo shoots, passport id shots, visa photographs, portraiture. I desire to do more for that photographic shot and exploration has led me to backdropsource.

The site offers a stupendous collection of photo images from different genres of birthday, wedding, sports, festival, fire lighting, easter, party etc. that can be chosen and edited to suit specific theme requirements. The artwork for print is created using the images and the designers offer their services at no charge, which is remarkable. I have got 3 images edited for my wedding photography and printed them on polyester and vinyl fabric with matte finish. There are many other fabric to choose from based on the dimensions, print colour quality, output image resolution, studio usage.

I received my printed backdrops delivered after 5 days to Sydney. The finish of the product was impeccable. The vinyl printed backdrop were of size 20ft x 30ft that was delivered to me as a roll with the width folded thrice at 7 feet. The backdrop when spread open has few lines due to transit packaging. I was advised by the backdropsource support to expose the backdrop in sun for an hour and stretch it even on the support structure. After following through the processes I was very impressed with my final output background. It immensely impressed my clients who received accolades for my photography acumen. In all, those party to the event had a wonderful time and created lots of memories for posterity. I did special bride and groom shoot with solo and couple photos on the polyester printed backdrop with size 5ft x 8ft. The polyester backdrop is very easy to setup on a stand and it can be easily folded and stored in a bag. There is no hassle on reuse as it doesn't crease when using at different locations.

There are different fabrics to choose from like vinyl, canvas, polyester etc. These fabrics have different properties and I choose them based on my usage for a specific photo shoot. There are multiple fabrics available to be used as photography backdrops or studio backgrounds for fashion photos, wedding shoot, group photography, family portraits etc. The major types are muslin, seamless paper, vinyl, fashion muslin, solid colours.

There are different studio lights, reflectors, softboxes, diffusers to provide with a wonderful lighting effect for professional photography. All these make my photos stand out all the time and provide a competitive advantage.

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