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England St George Flag

  • $107.00 exlu. GST incl. GST
    | SKU : CUSFLAG-3x2-N-1

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Due: 27/12/2019

We offer flags in many designs with thousands of styles to choose from. Read below for more details on each of the materials we offer.

Polyester Flag Fabric:

A good choice for often windy areas. There is an open weaving of the polyester material we use to make our flags. The open weave allows air to pass through the fabric resulting in an extremely well worn flag that looks great. Polyester flags are suitable for use in places where windy conditions cause very rapid degradation of a nylon flag. The flags printed on the one side would give the people on the other side of the flag a reverse picture. Such flags are very light weight and can be moved easily from one position to another. The benefit of single-sided printed flag is that once it is displayed, the photos just fade to the point of 5 percent and fly much better due to their light weight. The printing or the dye process done on the Flags last for long and they do not fade so easily when exposed to sun. The designs on the flag can be selected either through the designs on our website or the customer's can upload the image based on their design.

Flag Polyester - Specification :
  • Material : Flag Polyester
  • Weight : 110 GSM
  • With Single Side Printing, it forms a reverse or a mirror image on the other side of the flag and it is made of single cloth.
  • Temperature Resistance : -20F to 150F (not rated for fire resistance)
  • Estimated Lifespan : 4+ years with proper care and storage



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