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Chroma key Green Bodysuit

SKU : BST-GL-00-000

  • $303 excl. GST
    incl. GST

Green bodysuit/ Morphsuit are the secret behind the tricks performed in movies which amaze us by making subjects disappear. Green body suits are high quality, manageable full cover, breathable design. It is made of easily stretchable fabric that facilitates comfort and mobility of the subject. The fabric for the face mask is made of thin fiber, stretchable allowing for easy breathing. The suit is close fitting there's no room for wrinkles thus making the editing of the background an easier task. This snug body suit allows the subject to perform shoots without any discomfort for a longer duration.

There is a vivid collection of photography backdrops available in australia.
  • X   Bodysuit         Size: 69 inch ( Height ) X 35 inch ( Chest )  X 32 inch ( Arms )
  • XL Bodysuit         Size: 76 inch ( Height ) X 40 inch ( Chest )  X 34 inch ( Arms )
  • Stretch fabric which allows a subject flexibility and easy mobility
  • Allows complete maneuvering with ease and convenience
  • It is close fitting in order to avoid wrinkles & shadows falling on the subject
  • It zips up at the back
  • Stitched to fit different sizes
  • face area of green bodysuit is made up of thinner mesh like stretch fabric to facilitate easy breathing of the subject
1 x Chroma key Green Bodysuit

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