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6m x 6m White/ Black Photography Backdrop with Stand

SKU : KIT-WB-22-000-1

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White Photography Muslin Backdrop is 100% cotton fabric. The muslin backdrops are easy wash, maintenance free, durable fabric. The muslin fabric has 3mm hem or sewn sleeves for smooth finish. The 3" rod pocket on top is provided for hanging the backdrop from a crossbar of a backdrop stand or support system. Wrinkles can be easily removed by steaming the backdrop. White Muslin provides a plain single colour solid background for photography and studio setups. Special dying provides vibrant colours for enhanced visual appearance and brightness. White studio backdrops have application for portraits, product photo shoots, fashion photography, personal interviews, passport photos, corporate ID photos, studio shoots.

Photography Backdrop Stand 6m Wide X 3m Tall is the largest width stand. The backdrop stand is made of aluminium alloy and is designed to support seamless paper roll, fashion muslin fabric and vinyl backdrops. This support system is suitable for home, professional studios, traveling, mobile photographers.

There is a vivid collection of good quality photography backdrops available.

Black or White Photography Muslin Backdrop
  • Single Seam in middle at 3m for 6m width
  • 3" rod pocket for quick hanging 
  • *6m x 6m  backdrop will have a seam on it 
  • hemmed, sewn finish on all sides
  • sponge wash with mild detergent
  • release wrinkles with a warm iron on flat surface or steam while hanging
  • 100% cotton to absorb light and eliminate reflection 
Photography Backdrop Stand 6m Wide x 3m Tall
  • Three 3.0m high stands, spring cushioned
  • Seven cam lock top tube sections 0.95m* long - assembles from 1.9 to 6.6m wide
  • Two sturdy bags which hold the stands in separate padded sections and have elastic ties for the top tubes
1 x White/ Black Photography Backdrop 6m x 6m
1 x Photography Backdrop Stand 6m Wide x 3m Tall

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