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How to make great photography with paper backdrops

Posted by Ross Henry on

Seamless Paper

Seamless Paper provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, videography, and much more.

Being a cost effective and versatile material, Seamless Paper is not limited to just photographic use. Take your small and large-scale crafting, art and visual design projects to the next level with your next roll of seamless paper. Savage Seamless Paper is acid-free, lignin free and pH neutral.

Seamless paper backdrops are staple choice for professional photographers.

Seamless Paper
  • Backdropsource seamless paper backdrops are the most cost effective, solution for creating smooth, vibrant and high-quality backgrounds for portraits.
  • They are considered to be the most popular backdrop solution because they are available onhuge range of colors.
  • Paper backdrops are more affordable than equivalent size cloth fabric backdrops.
  • Paper backdrops are user-friendly which can last longer if proper care taken. So that it can beutilized multiple times.
  • Backdropsource seamless paper backdrops guarantees to last longer after multiple usage and remains consistent with its color.

Size Options

Thin rolls are the perfect choice for tabletop and product photography. These are 26” and 36ft rolls.

  • If you’re doing only occasional tabletop and product shots then you may consider Backdropsource surface boards and cloth backgrounds.
  • Great size option for shooting portraits is 53” by 36 ft roll which is perfect for shooting kids and head shots.

Hanging Options

Hanging Options

Seamless paper backdrops can be easily hung from a backdrop stand or other support.

  • Paper backdrops can be hung up in the ceiling for frequent photo shoots.
  • Occasional photographers can make use of paper backdrop stands for more professional looking shots.

Seamless paper backdrops are mostly meant for fashioning commercial photography, product photography, videography and much more. Backdropsource produces products that are eco-friendly and utilize on average 75% recycled fiber. If you were still on the fence about using paper backdrops or you already use them but are facing difficulties, contact our backdropsource professionals to solve some of those mysteries.

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