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Advantages of Using white Backdrops

Posted by Backdropsource Collaborator on

A white backdrop lets the photographer focus the subject exclusively and bring out the classy outcome. White background gives liveliness, cheerful and ideal pictures. Helps to overcome the interruptions. A white background would not distract on the outfit of the subject. It adds more pulse to the portrait. The viewer's attention gets attracted to the subject alone rather than the surroundings. It eliminates the risk to spend on a high-end camera model that is costly

Source of sunlight:
A white background can work out well if perfect sunlight is used as a source of lighting. If the light is not used for a white backdrop, the outcome of the picture may be in grey. So an appropriate lighting is essential for a white backdrop. It may require 16 times more light than the subject. The backdrop has to be overexposed. Sunlight will serve as a great source of light.

Use of flash:
A flashlight off camera has to be kept focused on the backdrop. For this, the subject has to be positioned four to six feet away from the backdrop, and the flash has to be kept behind pointing the backdrop. This overexposes the backdrop and makes it appear in white

Appropriate exposure:
As discussed in early points, the background has to be overexposed to make it pure white. But for this purpose, it has to be considered that the exposure shouldn't wash out the image completely. This happens when the light bounces of the backdrop and hits the subject So it is necessary to barely overexpose by increasing the power gradually from its lowest.

Light on the subject:
We have discussed earlier overexposing the backdrop. About the lighting for the subject, it has to be even. The lights should enlighten the subject. The lights should be soft which can be best achieved with the softbox placed close to the subject.

Hair Light:
Hair light facilitates to bring in feel and silhouette to the hair of the subject. This is why in almost all tv shows, special lights are used to illuminate the subject's hair. It helps detach the subject and the background. It helps to boost the portrait outcome.
A photo shoot with white backdrop is challenging as we have to overexpose the background and appropriately exposing our subject too. By knowing the exposure techniques, we can work wonders with a simple white backdrop.

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