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SUPERIOR SPECIALTIES™ #62 Plum Seamless Paper Background

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  • 2 Yrs WARRANTY All our frames structures comes with 2 years warranty for all its parts. To avail this email us the order number and the photograph of our frame with the broken parts, we will replace the broken parts.

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Superior Seamless Plum Paper Background Roll

Superior Specialties Plum Seamless Color Paper is used to create theatrical sets, visual merchandising displays, special event environments, and photographic backgrounds.

Superior Seamless is known for its wide assortment of vivid colors. Papers are manufactured to stringent specifications ensuring consistency in color and sheet formation. All papers are produced to prevent sheet imperfections.

Hanging Options for Paper Roll 

The choice for studio photography lights are available as studio light kits

  • Paper density: 145 GSM
  • Core diameter: 54mm (2.125") (interior)
  • High-quality paper
  • Fine-tooth, non-reflective surface
  • Easy to use – just unroll what you need
  • Cost-effective for a wide variety of uses
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Store vertically using the Savage Seamless Paper Storage Clip
  • Use clamps to secure on backdrop stand
  • Acid-free material
  • 3.5m (140") Wide size core diameter: 66.8mm (2.63") (interior)
  • Savage Seamless Background Paper is a dyed product, therefore does not have exact CMYK/RGB/Pantone matches. Similar matches to this color are (CMYK) 1-1-7-0 and (RGB) 251-248-236
  • Store in Dry Spaces - Paper stored and used in humid conditions will absorb moisture from the air which can form wrinkles and ripples.
  • Store Vertically - This position ensures that the roll will not weigh itself down over time, misshaping the inner cardboard core and causing waves in the material
  • Don’t Leave it Hanging - Don’t leave your backdrop hanging on its stand as storage. This can cause the same effect as leaving it stored horizontally on the ground.
  • Have a Few Clamps Handy - Spring clamps are an important accessory for paper rolls. A full roll of seamless paper is thick and heavy, and if a user pulls it out quickly, the roll may continue to unwind for several extra feet. Secure a clamp to to the top of both ends of a roll to keep it in place and secure.
  • Recycle - Remember, paper is recyclable! We recommend recycling your end sheets instead of trashing them. Tip: A utility knife allows for a cleaner cut than a pair of scissors.
  • Clean Your Shoes First - Clean your shoes or think twice about walking across the paper! Footprints can show up in your images, especially with light colored paper.
  • Only Sweep onto a Flat, Hard Surface - Your paper backdrop can crinkle and tear once your model steps foot onto it if it’s swept out onto carpet or uneven flooring. This will cause your backdrop to go from “seamless” to unsightly!
  • Tape Edges Down on the Floor - If you wish to sweep the paper backdrop out onto the floor, we recommend using gaffer tape around the edges to keep the paper smooth on the floor.
  • Experiment with Lighting - Colored background paper is a fun canvas for trying out different lighting scenarios. Adjust the color lighter or darker with your positioning, or pair it with an RGB light to completely change it up every once in a while.