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Vinyl Banners vs. Fabric Banners

Posted by Ross Henry on

Preferring traditional advertising methods that have stood the test of time helps you to shine because they still exist and serve a purpose .. While digital technology is revolutionizing  and the way brands connect with customers, doesn’t mean that traditional ad agencies are a thing of the past.To take a step aside to make room for more progressive advertising solutions, the formula is to use them strategically and integrate them seamlessly into your other outreach campaigns. 

Team the old with newer, discover more automated marketing measures for a powerful one-two punch that delivers.  Everyone attending an event is looking for an opportunity to engage with other attendees and looking for any excuse to do so. Giving people something to talk about and a reason to talk to those around them is a challenging task. Events are an opportunity to brand your audience’s experiences. Step and Repeats and other branded displays and backdrops are easy ways to get your guests sharing your message and brand with their network. 

           An excellent backdrop for photo-ops, interviews, speeches and presentations, backdrop banners can advertise a single or multi-brands. It gives a brand the advertising depth that it deserves. A brand on the backdrop banner gets associated with celebrities, important people and other large brands. This enhances brand value and generates goodwill with people present at the event, sports meet or function.

For short-term outdoor use, fabric banners can be a great option. They give you a softer look for graphics and they look FANTASTIC waving in the wind. They absorb light more efficiently, so even fluorescent lights won’t dampen their spirits.

Vinyl banners have more vibrant colors, and they can look great indoors. The “slick” look and the reflected light can really make your banner stand out. . It’s more durable, and the colors are much less likely to fade in the sun or be washed out by the rain.

 With a range of ink options and materials, backdropsource banners can be designed to enhance flash photography results and promote re-use with UV resistant inks.Your guests will enjoy their photos taken with backdropsource banners. Our backdropsource banners will make your occasion spectacular.

Which banner is right for your business?Get advice from a backdrop expert!

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