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Studio Photography from Backdropsource Australia

Buy Photography Backdrops and Photo Backgrounds from Backdropsource Australia!

The most pleasurable moments in life are embedded in our heart as sweet memories. As humans we want to relive the memories repeatedly. Backdropsource shares the passion to capture moments with photography and videos. Our portfolio includes studio gears, props, aids, photography lighting and video making kits to support you for the creation of the wondrous moments that make life momentous. All of us have memories from different occasions of wedding, birthday, baby bash, engagement, sports event, christmas, new year, easter, halloween, thanksgiving etc and have desire to make it special every time to have the pleasure of an accomplished life and get instant gratification through our memoirs.

There are different times when we want to make ourselves feel good and have a unique identity for our existence and boost self esteem the new age of boudoir photography, before and after photos, visa and passport portraiture. We want to present our living space, offices, workshop with reminisces of our loved ones through family portraits, close-up head shots of friends.

The objective of an ideal photo is to create and tell a story which defines the moment captured.

What's a Photography Backdrop Collection?

Photography backdrops collection has the widest choice of studio backdrops and photo backgrounds. The range appeals to different genres, artistic flare and indigenous photographers. The accentuation or highlighting of the subject plays an important role to make the choice of photography backdrop. Backdropsource has largest collection of seamless paper, solid colour backgrounds, fashion muslin, reversible collapsible twist, vinyl, polyester, canvas, panoramic, portable, mobile backdrops. The backdrops category has classification based on fabric, colour, yarn quality, usage, printed designs, dyes, functionality to execute all shoot requirements based on studio ergonomics, space, dimensions, lighting etc. The choice of photo muslin and fashion muslin is prevalent in professional photography. The seamless paper, vinyl, reversible & collapsible backdrops are usage is extensive in commercial photography, photo booths, small studios, home or garage studios.

Different Type of Photography Backdrops:

The fabric texture and design have been prepared to enable quick installation and easy setup. The backdrops characteristics include durability, longevity and colour to last through the entire fabric life. The design prints available are created artistically in consultation with photography enthusiasts, professional photographers, fashion photographers, photography evangelist, interior decorators etc. The collection is constantly upgraded to meet the changing photography requirements, enhance usability. We endeavour to maintain high standard of quality by setting industry benchmark that are emulated by others.

Chroma Key is a viable alternate to address the challenges of onsite shoots, uncontrollable outdoor environment, gap in imagination against technical reality has created new way of producing of computer generated imagery. Chroma key is a methodology in which a seamless smooth background is used for quick and easy editing with the use of specialised chroma software. The two common colours used as chroma key backdrops are blue and green. Backdropsource offers chromakey backdrops that are editable with all industry leading chroma software. The colour code in CMKY or RGB shades is in the fully editable range. Backdropsource provides the chromakey backgrounds in muslin, vinyl, polyester fabric. For movie making using human characters editing, there are chromakey apparels. The studio lighting is available as kits to shoot photos, YouTube videos, indoor shoots with controlled and focus lights.

Studio lights are pertinent for best impact on a photograph. Photographers use different light sources, reflection techniques, background illumination, shadow effect, natural light, smooth even light on the subject to exemplify the output shot. Backdropsource has various types of studio lights like softbox lighting, flash strobes, tungsten lights, quartz lights, halogen lights, incandescent reflectors, Bicolour LED lights, continuous fluorescent lights. The shoot type of still photography or videos defines the choice of lighting. The photography industry has a standard practice to use white light source for shooting photos and yellow incandescent light source for live natural video shooting. The studio lights deliver different output colour light based on lamp source temperature, power consumption, bulb type and lamps focus.

Studio gears have specific or generalist usage to address all requirements of photo shoot.  The shooting is improvised with use of different photography accessories. Backdropsource have an incomparable range of backdrop support systems, light stands, power adapters, light heads, product photography tents, clips and clamps. These accessories have innovative designs and are made from quality material for best usability, adaptability, longevity, durability, accessibility. All the gears provide the best support to shoot excellent photos and videos.  There are spares for studio lights like bulbs, power adapters readily available to meet consumables requirements for existing and new customers.

Studio kits have been designed to fulfill the most common and prevalent requirements in photography. These kits are combination of solid colour black or white backdrop, dimension and multiple types of light. The kits are suitable for schools, colleges, advertising agencies, hobby photographers, commercial photo shooters, photo booth photography, home studio setup, amateurs. These serve the best interest for the target group by providing all the required equipment at economy cost. All the plausible combinations of backdrop sizes, colour, support systems, light heads, light stands are bundled together for complete solution. There are entry level kits with a backdrop and stand; medium level with studio light combination and professional grade with best value for money kit.

Print background is a printing service for our customers to choose from the large sample images listed under different categories and print backdrop. All images available in digital format are sold to be used independently and can be printed on different fabrics of choice i.e vinyl, canvas, polyester. The customer can print his own artwork on any of the fabrics available. Backdropsource offers its complimentary designing services to create a collage, image or artwork for printing.

In all convert dreams and imagination into a reality in the least possible time with optimal effort.