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Photo Studio Flash Light

SKU : SF-AD300

  • $241

Produce an instantaneous flash of artificial light at a color temperature of about 5500K to help illuminate a photo shoot scene. The strobe is high quality and easy to adjust, both in position and brightness. It can act as a slave, making it easy to use in any studio environment for photography. The strobe head performs best with different accessories including softboxes, snoot, and barn doors. It's a recommended product to enhance become innovative photographers.

Photo studio flash light is a quality strobe with an exceptional value for digital shooting, portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, video shooting, commercial studios, location photographers, photo schools, students and amateurs as well. Color-temperature corrected circle flash-tube, fixed reflector and power cable, remote sensor/ slave, built in umbrella holder and angle adjustable fixture are the main features of the strobe light.There is a large range of photographic backdrops which can be used with these lights.

The light includes basic professional functions such as continuous power adjuster with fine-setting clutches, dual-locking stand adapter. It features stable colour temperature (5500K), large lighting coverage and even lighting effect. Add to cart for free delivery option to QLD, ACT, NSW, SA, Vic.

  • High-speed and synchronous for 1/200 second
  • Max. working distance: 30M (open area, without interference)
  • The receiver has an on/off switch, and an LED to indicate triggering.
  • Angle bracket at the base has a built in umbrella holder
  • Mounts onto any light stand with 5/8 inch or smaller stud
  • 150 watt removable modeling lamp
  • Weighs 1kg
  • Comes with a Test Button and Power Output Dial from 1/16 to full
  • Easy adjustable shooting angle
  • Output power:300W / 400W / 600W
  • Input voltage: AC 220V - 240V / 50Hz
  • Recycle time: 1 sec.
  • Modeling lamp: 150W | Bi-pin Base
  • Flash Tube Bulb: Wattage: 110W | Flash Tube Life: 8000 Hrs.
  • Flash duration(sec): 1/2000 - 1/800
  • Flash triggering method: test button/slave/sync cord/infrared
  • Color temperature: 5400K±100K
  • Fuse: 5A
  • Lumens: 1000
  • Power: AC input
  • Plug size of receiver: 3.5mm
1 x Photo Studio Flash Light

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