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Mango Gold Mermaid Sequin Backdrops (Photo booth backdrops that help you win hearts)

    $259 | SKU : MER - SEQ - 02

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  • Mango Gold Mermaid Sequin Backdrops is a stunning option for specialty events, birthday parties, themed events and fairy tale weddings.
  • Millions of options and millions of opportunities to bring unique fun to your special occasion. Our seamless mermaid sequin backdrops feature sequins to let your creativity run free.
  • Easily create any message or image you wish on the backdrop with just the touch of your finger.
  • Loops at the top of the backdrop allow for even more visual variety as the colors sparkle and change differently depending on which side you hang as the top.
  • Reversible sequin colors are shiny blush and matte white
  • Total size ranges from 2.25m ( ft) in height and 2.25m ( ft) in width
  • Seamless
  • 3mm sequin diameter
  • 3" hanging loops for backdrop stands and curtain rods
  • Perfect for large groups
  • Expect some loss of sequins during transport and normal use
  • Backside of backdrop is a white fabric

How to use Mermaid sequin backdrop?

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