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Lastolite Triflash Bracket With Hotshoe Lock
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Lastolite Triflash Bracket With Hotshoe Lock

SKU : 6.312423

  • $145 excl. GST
    incl. GST

The TriFlash Shoe Lock features an adjustable screw locking shoe mount, allowing the use of 3 hotshoe mounted flasguns together, which offers an additional locking mechanism to work alongside the built in method used on the flashgun.

The dimensions of the hotshoe on the bottom of each flashgun can vary from one gun to the other. However, the TriFlash Shoe Lock can comfortably accommodate these variances, including the Nikon SB900.

NOTE: TriFlash brackets are not compatible with Sony flash guns.

      • Attach up to three flash guns.
      • Umbrella socket.
      • Can be mounted onto standard brass spigot.
      • Locking Screw to secure hotshoe fitting.

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