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Lastolite Ezybox Quad Bracket
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Lastolite Ezybox Quad Bracket

SKU : 6.11253

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The ultimate flashgun bracket.  Whether you are looking for more power to freeze the action or a faster recycling time from your flashguns, the Ezybox II Quad Bracket is the perfect solution. Simply attach up to four flashguns to the bracket then attach one of our Ezybox II Octa softboxes or umbrellas (compatible with 8mm or 10mm shaft sizes) to create a beautifully diffused light. The Ezybox II Quad Bracket can be used in conjunction with various flashgun triggering systems utilising one of the accompanying PC cables that allow you to connect four flashguns to a single receiver (PC connection or 3.5 jack connection). The Quad Bracket may be of interest to those who only wish to use umbrellas as this does not incorporate the the softbox bracket.

The Ezybox II Quad Bracket is available separately or in one of two Ezybox II Octa Quad kits. Umbrellas can be purchased separately.

The Ezybox Quad Bracket is Nikon SB-900 compatible.

  • Attach up to 4 flash guns
  • Strong robust design
  • Can be used with Ezybox II Octa softboxes or umbrellas
  • Includes PC and 3.5mm jack cables

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