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Fotolux Studio Background Support 3m Running Rail for Ceiling Rail System

    $50 | SKU : FL-SBSRRCRS

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The Fotolux Ceiling Rail System is the perfect solution for those who require a bit more floor space. This is a cost effective and space saving solution for your studio setup.

How it Works

Attach the fixed rail to the ceililng. Attach the running rail to the fixed rail (at 90 degrees). Attach the pantograph to the running rail. Attach your lighting to the end of the pantograph and extend or contract as needed. Please sure that your lighting equipment is secured to the pantograph and that it is mounted parallel to the pantograph before using. 
Fixed rails and running rails are sold separately.
Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.
3m long.
Made of high durability black coated metal.
1x Fotolux 3m long Running Rail
Purchase additional running rails as necessary.

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