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Fotolux Background Auto-Pole Support 3.8m (pair)


  • $415

This is a professional grade photographic studio background support. The auto-pole is fully extendable from 2.36m to to 3.8m.An auto-pole is used as a vertical support which is typically supported by a floor and a ceiling (or two horizontal surfaces) without any other additional parts required for it to stand alone.
Light weight aluminum materials and fast setup for location shootings. It is black powder coated finish and is built to last.

How it Works

Place the auto-pole on the ground and point up vertically at ceiling. Extend until the auto-pole touches the ceiling and secure. You may purchase additional items such as super clamps to hold a horizontal support for your background drop or lighting gear.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.
Minimum Height 2.36m
Maximum Height 3.8m
Top Pole Diameter 40mm
Bottom Pole Diameter 45mm

Rubberised caps to protect the horizontal supporting surfaces from damage.
2 x 3.8m Pole Support

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