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Fotolux 3.2m Telescopic Cross Bar for Studio Background Support (Silver)

    $75 | SKU : FL-TCBS

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Use this extendable telescopic pole as a pole to hold your backdrop paper or vinyl roll. This bar gives you the flexibility to accommodate half width rolls and full width rolls by simply extending or collapsing it.

The openings on the ends of the bar is perfect for various types of light stands. Fits onto spigot of standard light stands, or can be mounted onto your wall or ceiling hooks. The expandable three sections make it very easy and fast to adjust the length, and it is suitable for various types of backgrounds. You may also clamp muslin cloth onto this telescopic bar using a background clamp.

You do not require any other tools so you do not need to worry about setting up your background with any extra parts, or losing any parts.

How it Works

You will require one (1) telescopic bar, two (2) light stands and studio backdrop (light stands and backdrops sold separately).

Adjust the height of your lights stands.

Extend the telescopic bar and twist to lock according to the length you want and place the telescopic bar and load your background drop onto the telescopic bar (disregard this step if you are using cloth). Place the end of the telescopic bars on top of the spigot and turn the knob until fastened. 

Pull down your background - and done!

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.
Minimum Length 1250mm
Maximum Extended Length 3200mm
Material Heavy duty alloy


1 x Telescopic Cross Bar

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