Elinchrom Rotalux Broncolor Adapter
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Elinchrom Rotalux Broncolor Adapter

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Upgrade your flash system with your favourite Rotalux softbox! When you buy a Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox it includes a Elinchrom Adaptor Ring to suit Elinchrom Flashes. Buy this Adaptor ring to suit your Broncolor Flash to an Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox. The Rotalux is a seperate item which is complete with an Elinchrom Adapter Ring, Diffusers, black silver cover, rods and carriyng bag. To use Rotalux softboxes with other flash brands, just ad the appropriate Adapter Ring. Rotalux sofboxes are easy to setup, they fold down like an umbrella, superb professinal finishing with grey piping and most important, professional lighting with quality accessories...



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