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Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Set S Head
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Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Set S Head

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The Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Pack is part of the 1100ws Ranger battery flash system available 3 varieties. Each pack is available with either the Ranger 'S' or Ranger 'A' Head. The 'S' Head is designed for day to day work and the A for freezing action with its super short flash duration capabilities (up to 1/5120s with the fast channel on the AS pack).

Ranger RX - Recycling time of 5.5 secs and up to 140 full power flashes 

Ranger RX Speed - Recycling time of 3 secs and up to 250 full power flashes 

RX Speed AS- Recycling time of 3 secs and up to 250 full power flashes plus fixed 2:1 fixed asymmetry with a super-fast channel for short flash duration and fast recycling

Ranger RX Pack: 

Incorporating the most advanced miniaturized components weighing in at only 8kg – much lighter and smaller than any comparable unit and controllable by Elinchrom Skyport remote control, computer or by handset, the Ranger RX excels in it's ease of use on location.

  • Consistent flash power at any power level. 
  • 7 f-stop range. 8.5-1100Ws output gives f64 at 2m (ISO 100, 125s sync speed 48 deg reflector) 
  • Recycling time to full power 2.9s. Number of full power flashes per charge 250 (slow recycle) 
  • Flash duration (t0.5) 1/2300s (1 A head) 1/4310s (2 A heads). 
  • Power saving, auto cut off to save energy. 
  • Modelling lamp modes: 15s, 30s & off. Photocell – adapted to release in bright ambient light. 
  • Auto Dump. 
  • Battery box quick release, replace batteries in seconds. 
  • Fast battery recharging time: 3 hours to full power! No memory effect on the battery. 
  • The electronics protect the battery from over and complete discharging. 
  • Battery charger indicator, two green LED show 100%, one green 50% and one red LED 10%. 
  • Multivoltage charger with Aust, European, USA and UK adapters. Moisture resistant rubber protectors. 
  • Trigger voltage 5v 

 S Head 

  • On/Off Switch for the 50 W / 12 V Halogen Modelling Light 
  • Modelling Light modes, 15 s, 30 s or off 
  • Long life - high quality Omega Flashtube, UV coated 
  • Centred Umbrella fitting 
  • Weight: 2.4 kg (incl. 3m flash cable) 
  • Dimension: 22 x 13.5 cm 

Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS Set Pack And S Head Includes:

  • 1× Ranger RX Speed AS Inc Battery(10267)
  • 1× Ranger S Head (20100)
  • 1× Ranger RX Multivoltage Quickcharger (19293)
  • 1× Ranger RX Shoulder Strap (19289)
  • 1× Sync Cable 5 m (11075)

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