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Elinchrom Deflector Set Gold Silver Translucent
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Elinchrom Deflector Set Gold Silver Translucent

SKU : 01.26310

  • $45 excl. GST
    incl. GST

Elinchrom is the only system with the central umbrella fitting, which is essential when Reflectors or Rotalux softboxes are used with Deflector Sets. Accessories, which can eliminate, soften and tone sharp shadow edges. Very efficient with Rotalux softboxes. The set contains four different 14 cm deflectors; gold, sliver, frost and translucent with 2 Deflector Rods
  • 2x Deflector Rods
  • Gold Deflector
  • Silver Deflector
  • Frosted Deflector
  • Translucent Deflector

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