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Three Head 750W Continuous Softbox Light with Chroma key Backdrop
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Three Head 750W Continuous Softbox Light with Chroma key Backdrop

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Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrop is ideal for video, short films, youtube videos, documentaries, news interviews etc. It is made from rich quality non reflective cotton that creates a smooth green screen. For digital photography, chroma key green backdrops are must for quick and easy background editing. The green colored muslin or blue backdrop fabric has been scientifically colour matched for digital photography.

Portable Photography Backdrop Stand 3m Wide X 3m Tall is collapsible to 1.2m. It is a sturdy equipment made for studio, outdoor wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack ups.

2.6m Studio Photography Light Accessory Stand is easy to use in both photo studio and product photography. It has application to mount different light source heads like tungsten halogen light, flash strobe, quartz or monolight etc. It is a lightweight, firm stability and used for front/ back lighting subject or illuminating the background. The stand is made of black aluminum tubing and designed with easy grip knobs.

Softbox Economy Studio 50cm x 70cm Photo Box Light Equipment is a light modifier and delivers soft even light to illuminate the subject with an inbuilt light bulb E27 holder and fluorescent bulb. It easily folds / unfolds like an umbrella and needs no speed ring to attach to a light head.

There is a vivid collection of fashion muslin photo backdrops available.
Chroma key Green/Blue
  • 100% cotton professional quality
  • Seamless, made from one piece
  • 3inch rod pocket for quick hanging
  • Sewn finish on all sides
  • Easily release wrinkles with flat warm iron or steam while hanging
  • Easy to clean with wet sponge or soft hand wash
  • For smooth flawless display against backdrop stand or wall horizontal rods, use backdrop clamps for support

85W Fluorescent bulbs

  • Shape : Spiral
  • 85 Watt fluorescent light bulb = 300 watt incandescent light bulbs
  • Colour : Full Spectrum
  • Base Type : E27 Medium
  • Lumens : 500
  • Colour Temperature : 5500K
  • Length : 27.5 cm  Width : 10 cm
  • Voltage : 220~240 AC
  • Frequency : 60Hz
  • Colour Rendering Index: 80
  • Life Hours : 8000 -œ 10000
    1 x Green/Blue Muslin Backdrops
    1 x Portable Photography Backdrop Stand 3m Wide X 3m Tall
    3 x Softbox Economy Studio 50cm x 70cm Photo Box Light Equipment
    3 x 85W Fluorescent Bulb
    3 x 2.6m Studio Photography Light Accessory Stand

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