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33 Inches Photography Silver And White Umbrella

SKU : BSU-SW-00-000

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The silver lining softens and evens light from your strobes,flash or any light source. The silver reflects more light than a translucent umbrella or soft-box. Silver and white umbrella makes your picture look brighter. The outer white lining keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo.

Most popular solid colour backdrops are Solid White backdrop, Solid Black backdrop and Chroma Green backdrop.
  • White translucent lining is perfect for photographers.
  • Helps reduce shadows and produce an even light. Allows approximately 50% light transmission.
  • It is ideal for both portraits and group shots or shooting on large objects.
  • White umbrella is commonly used in a place where shadowing is common and for portrait photographs.
  • It brings you a perfect experience on shooting with studio flash.
  • The Umbrellas soften, broaden, and slightly diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source.
  • Umbrellas with a white interior will soften and weaken the light more than an umbrella with a silver lining.
  • Silver umbrellas also soften light, but not as much as white umbrellas. They do not diminish the light as much as white umbrella.
  • Silver reflective surfaces will result in higher contrast light output than white reflective surfaces.
1 x 33 Inches Photography Silver And White Umbrella

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