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3 x 1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output

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3 x 1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit

  • The 3 x 1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output is a user-friendly 5600K Bi-Colour LED Light Panel, suitable for both stills and video with an power output of 3000W
  • It can be powered from the mains, or by V-Lock battery. The LED Light Panel features 1040 bright LEDs dimmable from 100-10% power.
  • The colour temperature of the light panel can be adjusted anywhere between 5600K(Equivalent to Daylight) and 3200K(Equivalent to Tungsten lighting), which enables you to match the lighting to different lighting environments.
  • The LED Light panel also features a set of Barn Doors, which gives you the ability to control the angle of the beam.
  • This panel features a user-friendly interface, with a digital display that tells you the current power level of the lights. The brightness and colour- temperature of the light can be controlled by the remote control. The light panel features a DMX output which enables you to control it from a DMX control console, which is great for larger shooing productions.
  • The LED Light has an industry standard V-Mount battery plate which gives you the option of using an external V-mount battery pack, giving you the ability to work on location away from Mains power. They can also be powered by the supplied AC adapter for when shooting in the vicinity of mains power.
  • LED lights can last up to ten times longer than CFL lights and many times longer than Tungsten lights. They are also more energy efficient using 1/3 to 1/30 of the energy consumed by fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED lights also run cooler as they convert around 90 percent of the energy consumed into light as opposed to tungsten lights where most of the energy is converted into heat. This makes the shooting environment a lot more comfortable for your subject and will also reduce air conditioning costs as LED lights don’t really contribute to heat build-up. Since LED lights are solid and don’t contain a fragile filament, they are also less susceptible to impact damage. LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours which is 5-10 time longer than CFL bulbs, and many times longer than tungsten bulbs.
  • The Light panel can be mounted onto any light stand, boom or Hi-Glide system with a standard 5/8” spigot via its U-Shaped yoke bracket which enables you to tilt your light on a 360° axis. It also features a set of barn doors giving you maximum control over the direction of light. This is the perfect solution for both your video and photographic lighting needs, whether you are in the studio or on location.


  • Bi-Colour 3200K-5600K Variable Colour temperature
  • Low heat emissions
  • Energy Efficient
  • Bulbs have a 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Features V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Has DMX output
  • Metal construction.
  • Mounts to any 5/8" support devices including stands, booms and Hi-Glide fitting

1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output

  • Max. Power Output  - 3000W
  • Brightness  - 4500 Lux @2m
  • F-Stop (at 1m)  -  Approx. f/3.6 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100)
  • Number of LEDs  - 1040
  • Colour Temperature  - 3200-5600K
  • Beam Angle  45°
  • TLCI - 95
  • CRI - ≥95%
  • Power Range - 10-100%
  • Remote - 99 Channels 2.4GHz
  • Remote Working Distance - >30m
  • LED Lifespan - Approx. 50,000 Hours
  • DMX Output - Yes
  • V-Mount Battery Plate - Yes
  • Voltage - DC15V 4A
  • Dimensions - 360mm x 395mm x 25mm
  • Net. Weight - 3.91kg (4.16kg Including Carry Bag)

    2.3m Light Stand 

    • Min height - 0.78m Max Height - 2.3m
    • Max.Loading Weight: 6kg
    • Tube Diameter: 23.5mm Folded Height: 810mm
      • 3 x 1000W Bright Bi-Colour LED Video Panel Light Kit with DMX Output
      • 3 x 230cm Adjustable Light Stand