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2 Head Contionous 16" ALUMINIUM REFLECTOR Light Kit

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Due: 27/12/2019

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2 Head Contionous 16" ALUMINIUM REFLECTOR Light Kit light kit with an output of 750W is an ideal two head light kit package which is suited for taking the perfect interview shoots, For You-tubers creating videos, product catalogue, glamour, model, professional photos and videos & providing alternate day light affect.
Two-point lighting setup is the standard for most basic filming. 
  • Key light: The key light is the strongest, providing most of the light in the shot. It’s generally placed in front of your subject, around 45-degrees above and 45-degrees to the right or left.
  • Fill light: This is a softer light, used to fill in shadows on the subject’s face. It should be positioned to the side, opposite the key light.
Cool Continuous Lighting Head LH-4128 For 4 Lamps

This Professional Fluorescent Continuous Cool Light is constructed in a rubberised metal body with an integral reflector, making it a solid performer without any of the problems associated with other heads that have removable reflectors.

  • 16” metal reflector
  • Two power setting option
    • Size: 50cm x 70cm
    • E27 socket with AU plug
    • With outer diffuser cover
    • Uses a diffusion panel to create natural light
    • Wide and flat coverage
    • Has silver or white interior surfaces
    2.3m Light Stand
    • Min height - 0.78m Max Height - 2.3m
    • Max.Loading Weight: 6kg
    • Tube Diameter: 23.5mm Folded Height: 810mm
    45W Fluorescent Light Bulb
    • Color temperature: 5500k | Color : White
    • Lifetime: >8000 hours
    • Ra > 92 (Ra means color rendering, the higher the better)
    • Voltage: 220-240v
    • Weight: 0.3kg
    Tips: Keeps the light stand's three legs the longest distance, the crossbar level to the horizontal, such setting will perfectly hold your lighting kit.
    • 2 x 16" ALUMINIUM REFLECTOR with 4 E27 Bulb HOLDER 
    • 8 x 45W 5500k Studio Daylight Bulbs
    • 2 x 230cm Adjustable Light Stand

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